Snack Love

Growing up, my house was rarely stocked with snack food. It wasn’t because my parents didn’t approve of it; they bought it all the time. We just ate it rather quickly. My sister and I made our school lunches each day, so whenever there were chips or Little Debbies, you could be sure they wouldn’t last very long. This was especially true because we made about ten lunches each week.

Of course, whenever there wasn’t snack food in the house (which was often, as I’ve already explained), my mom would crave something sweet. Now, I love my mom. She’s an honest and hard-working woman, so I know she would appreciate my honesty when I say that this happened at least once every week. Starting when I was ten years old, she began asking me to ride my bike to the nearest 7-Eleven to get her fix of peanut M&Ms and Diet Pepsi after school. I loved these trips. In addition to her order, I would get candy and soda for my sister and myself. When I returned, we would sit on the couch and eat our snacks while watching re-runs of Fraiser. It was fun. The three of us were bonding over doing nothing. This continued throughout high school, when I was just happy for an excuse to drive my car.

It’s easy to condemn people for eating junk. “They should know better,” people say. Of course we do. I knew it wasn’t good for me when I was ten, and I’m sure my mom did. But after being 2,500 from home, I can honestly say that I can’t wait to sit on the couch with my mom and sister while eating junk and watching The Big Bang Theory.

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