Del Taco: A Love Affair

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for the 49¢ burritos at Del Taco. The beans have a perfect consistency, and the cheese is melted in all the right places. When I was younger, I used to beg my parents to take my sister and me to the Del Taco near our house in Loma Linda, California. Looking back, I really don’t see anything special about these burritos–a much more satisfying experience can be had at any authentic Mexican restaurant. I realize that I don’t go to Del Taco for the food alone. Over the years, I’ve developed an emotional attachment to this cheap, delicious food.

I think it reminds me of my youth. The chain is primarily located in southern California, where I lived until I was nine. Maybe I feel connected to my hometown when I eat here. Maybe it’s because I remember all the funny things my dad would say as I ate my burrito and he ate his chili cheese fries. Or, maybe it’s because of the sheer number of matchbox cars I collected from the countless kids meals I’ve consumed. In any case, the food is familiar; I’ve grown up with it.

There’s no question whether Del Taco has created a lifelong customer. They have. Whenever I see one along the highway, I have the urge to stop and get my fix. Today, my meal always ends up costing a little more than 49¢ because in addition to my burrito, I get fries and a soda. I can’t help but wonder if that’s what they wanted to happen all along. I’ve criticized McDonald’s for brainwashing children with happy meals and parents for allowing this to happen. Yet, I’m no different.

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2 Responses to Del Taco: A Love Affair

  1. Sidney Milam says:

    I completely understand where you are coming from on this one. I think that places make a more significant impact on us when we are younger and they are tied in to happy memories or times with our parents. Plus, I don’t think Del Taco has brainwashed you like McDonalds has brainwashed many. You actually enjoy the food and have happy memories from it rather than just a longing for a toy in your box of food. The fact that Del Taco seems to be more sparse out here in the Midwest makes it even more special when you do get to have it. McDonalds is just a place every few miles or so, no breathtaking surprise when you see one. Hopefully your happy memories of Del Taco can transfer to your children one day.

  2. dejohnson91 says:

    I do agree with Sidney that Del Taco has not brainwashed you. However, Del Taco has done well because they have developed a relationship with you that after so many years, you are still longing for that burrito. One day I hope to visit Del Taco so I can experience that awesome burrito and maybe that can become apart of one of my favorite places to eat.


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